My SFS Thoughts of the New The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer


The new Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser trailer came out today — revealed at Star Wars Celebration – Anaheim… and I’m pissed that I’m not actually there… but that is a whole other story — and it has “awoken” the hearts of the entire Star Wars community. (You see what I did there?)

So as my first post to my newly fledgling website, I’d like to give you my thoughts on a SFS (or shot-for-shot) basis. It’s still astounds me as to how much they put into one minute and fifty-nine seconds. So without further ado…

1) The reveal of the crashed Star Destroyer is absolutely incredible. Just thinking what that downed ship means (what happened to it, how long it had been there, imaging what it would actually be like to live near something like that) puts chills down my spine. This is an AMAZING way to start the trailer.

2) Hearing Luke… pretty awesome in it’s own right… but seeing the burnt husk of Vader’s mask… priceless! Now I want to know who is holding it. Also worth noting the symmetry…

“My Father has it.” – Shot of Vader’s mask

“I have it.” – A shot of Luke(?) with a new creepy-ass looking prosthetic hand

“My sister has it.” – A shot of Rey(?) giving a lightsaber to Leia(?) –> That’s what I think is happening

“You have that power too.” – Who has that power now? Is it another in the Skywalker lineage?

Also note that Luke is using present tense when talking about Vader. Interesting…

3) Another amazing shot of the X-Wings flying over the water and Poe having the time of his life as a pilot. I swear the maneuvers they are getting the ships to do in this movie is incredible.

4) I think I would hate to be on the business end of the cross-saber. Just sayin…

5) Rey, Finn and BB8 seem to think so too because they are running for their lives. Love the TIE Fighter in the background.

6) Kylo getting his Force-Push on… or striking a hip dance pose. I can’t really tell. But in all seriousness… it looks like Kylo and the stormtroopers are facing down a crowd of some sort prior to Kylo sensing something behind him.

OK people... nothing to see here. Move along.
OK people… nothing to see here. Move along.

7) Rapid succession now of some shots:

  • Great shot of a legion of stormtroopers on a snow covered world. And just how cool is the new look of the wings for the TIEs.
  • Rey looking eerily up at someone.
  • More TIEs swooping in followed up by an attack in a hanger. My opinion… it looks like there is some betrayal going on. TIEs shooting down other TIEs and troopers. OH… and btw… I would hate to be this guy.
This guy is having a very bad day.
This guy is having a very bad day.

8) A GREAT shot of Finn removing his helmet… and looking shocked by what he is seeing. Could he be witnessing the betrayal mentioned above?

9) You absolutely can’t go wrong with a kick-ass shot of a new Star Destroyer followed immediately by one of the coolest looking stormtroopers, or should I say “chrome”troopers, ever!

10) BB8 poking his head around the corner inside the Falcon, very cute. I hope that he did something mischievous and is hiding like a young child.

11) Rey helping Finn up. We are looking at the continuation of strong, powerful women in this universe. Leia… you are no longer alone. (Although there were quite a few strong women in the prequel era, but maybe we are meant to believe they died out after the Clone Wars. Who knows.)

12) An entire Falcon chase scene that just must be seen to truly appreciate it. Entering another tight space, as it so often does, is a sight for sore eyes. A nice homage to the Vader-in-the-cockpit shot from ANH was a nice touch as well.

13) And last, but certainly not least, Han’s voiceover and the shot of him with Chewie. … I honestly have no words that can accurately convey the emotions that I went through hearing and seeing them two again. First… the fact that I am seeing them again on screen… IN A NEW STORY… is mind-blowing. And they just felt right. It wasn’t forced (no pun intended) and Harrison Ford actually looks great as Han again. From just this one shot, he actually looks better as Han than he did as Indy in Crystal Skull. Now as for context… where would be the only place that Han and Chewie would call home? I’m guessing, if the rumors are even remotely true, that they are inside the Falcon again for what may have been long, long time. If that is the case, Ford pulls off in his tone and demeanor the love that only Han could show for the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.


OK… so those are my thoughts. Feel free to comment on them and let me know where I’m totally full of it. I’m always interested to hear what others think, especially around the subject of Star Wars!

Until next time, May The Force Be With You!

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