Daredevil Season Two: The Second Quarter

Man! With as much time between posts you must have thought that I absolutely HATED the start of Season Two. Actually, quite the contrary. I really am loving this season but with the aspect of taking notes for each episode as well as finding time to watch, I’ve fallen WAY behind. I know… sad really. #firstworldproblems right?

Daredevil Season Two Logo
Daredevil Season Two Logo

Anyway… I’m actually almost done with the Third Quarter episodes as well so that post will be coming soon… or at least sooner than the gap between the first and second.

Now… on to my thoughts!

Ep: 4 Penny and Dime

  • A death at a funeral. Looks like these guys have a little beef with Frank. Not only is he a killer but he’s a thief as well.
  • Side note: is it just my terrible hearing or do they tend to mumble a lot in this show? I find I have to crank the volume up a lot to hear what people are saying. But I digress…
  • Being a Catholic, I never considered the thought of how a priest could actually do eulogy for a person who society all knows is not a good person. The scene at the church really gave me pause to reflect on that. Interesting how the Murdock gang was the only ones go show up. I guess all of his other buddies probably died in the fir fight as well.
  • Guilt is the souls call to action. Very powerful statement. That whole speech by the priest was pretty powerful. I wonder how Matt will act upon it.
  • Karen: “Yeah, well I’m no saint.” Matt: “I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that.”  Guess we know Matt likes the bad girls, eh?
  • Karen is going to get herself killed by going out on her own like this.
  • Jon Berenthal is completely killing it as The Punisher. I am creeped out so much every time he is on the screen. Him sitting there watching the carousel is the stuff of nightmares.
  • They actually drilled through his foot! Holy shit!!!
  • Damn! All the feels during this episode!
  • Even though I know the origin of The Punisher it was absolutely tearjerking to hear him tell it again during the show. I think I may have gotten something in my eye during that scene.
  • Even though they didn’t show anything that kiss between Matt and Karen was extremely erotic!
  • And of course because this is TV and no one can ever really be happy look who shows up in Matt’s apartment but Electra.

Ep: 5 Kinbaku

  • Before I type anything else, I’m curious what the title of the episode is about.
  • Roxxon!
  • The way that Electra says “Matthew” is just… naughty!
  • Let me rephrase that… Everything that Matt and Electra do is naughty. I think I might take up boxing. So Electra knows there is more to Matt than meets the eye. But does she know that he is Daredevil?
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Karen is probably the hardest working person on the show.
  • Awww… Remembering Ben Urich.
  • Ooooo… A Jessica Jones reference! I love it! And it’s good to see Marci. I hope Foggy can maybe get a booty call to bring him out of the dumps. Oh… And Reyes is still an ass.
  • Marci calling DD “the horny one” is accurate on more than one level.
  • Worst first date ever. On the flip side the relationship between Matt and Electra is, while maybe not the healthiest, is being portrayed as two people being perfect for each other.
  • Date between Matt and Karen reminds me of Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale. Starts out on the fancy side but only picks up once they come down to earth.
  • I think Karen wants to continue the date up on her bedroom.
  • Matt is such a smooth talker… Especially when talking himself out of getting it on with Karen
  • A cold shower or a walk at night through the streets of Hell’s Kitchen both have the same effect. Very sobering.
  • Ugh! Are you really going to end the episode with Electra suiting up and the Yakuza coming to get her? Once again she is putting Matt into a situation he doesn’t want to be in. But to have the foresight to get his suit shows that she must know him somewhat.
  • Did I miss what the title meant? And a quick Google search reveals that it means… OH MY!

Ep: 6 Regrets Only

  • This has to be the preppiest biker gang I have ever seen.
  • You can see the darkness that exists in Electra’s fighting style. Glad to see Matt suited up.
  • Very impassioned speech from Matt to Electra. It’s almost like he even believes what he is saying. But seriously, she has him in way too deep now that the Yakuza is involved. He’s going to need help.
  • Takes a case he doesn’t want, thinks his career is in a downward spiral because of it, Matt leaves him high and dry to go play with Electra AND has to watch Matt and Karen smooch. Foggy’s worst day ever!
  • Very heart wrenching to hear about the good times that Frank had with his family.
  • I never thought about how Matts enhanced senses would make him a human safe cracker. Seems a little far fetched but I’m definitely going with it cause it is really cool. Same goes with sensing electrical currents.
  • I know Matt has two lives to live but I really hope that he can pull his weight in the “People vs Frank Castle” trial.

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