Daredevil Season Two: The Third Quarter

Been a little while but I’m dedicated and determined to finish this series and this write-up. I may have said this before but I’ve always struggled at writing. It’s one of those “I need to be in the mood” type activities and I rarely am. But I’m trying… that has to count for something.

Anyway… on to the episodes!

Daredevil Season Two Logo
Daredevil Season Two Logo

Ep: 7 Semper Fidelis

  • I love seeing that the jury pool is equally divided between those that think Frank is a hero vs a menace.
  • The fact that Frank is so intimidating walking into the courtroom cannot help out his case with the jury. He just honestly looks like he doesn’t give a fuck.
  • I know that Matt is having a hard time separating his day job from his night job but it really sucks that he’s gonna leave Foggy and Karen out to dry by missing the trial. Totally not cool. Let’s see if he can redeem himself with the medical examiner cross examination.
  • Wow. That’s some cold shoulder action happening between Karen and Matt. Probably should add the merits of vigilantism to politics and religion as topics to not talk about on dates.
  • I haven’t really said too much about the Matt and Electra scenes because honestly they’re just all awesome! There really isn’t much more to say about that… They all just rule!
  • The People vs Frank Castle could be the next People vs O.J. Simpson with regards to publicity.
  • My admiration for Foggy can really go no higher. Pulling off that opening statement was fun to watch. I really hope that Foggy is the one that gets to put it to Reyes.
  • Wait a second… Isn’t it extremely hypocritical of Matt to say that Frank’s actions are wrong and should be left to either God or the justice system? His actions as Daredevil aren’t exactly legal with regards to bringing in criminals. Shouldn’t Matt’s actions be left to the cops?
  • Damn! Electra messed with the medical examiner! And this confrontation between Matt and Foggy is not going well. And the sad part is that Foggy is not wrong. The team is falling apart.
  • Understatement I know but it looks like Matt is a little pissed at everything that has just gone down.
  • That is one deep hole!
  • So now I’m getting ready to start watching the infamous eighth episode that I keep hearing so much about.

Ep: 8 Guilty as Sin

  • Wait! No heartbeats? This is going to be one hell of a fight.
  • If Electra dies its Matts fault.
  • Stick!!!!! Way to save Matt’s ass!
  • The scene saving Electra from the poison was intense. It wasn’t revolutionary… I’ve seen scenes like that in other shows as well but if they are done well, like here, they are extremely effective. FYI… I like how the tea was for Stick. 😀
  • Ha! I love the fact that Reyes just got owned by the General. Mic drop!
  • I love a good backstory. Time to find out about The War!
  • And now we have the origin of The Hand!
  • I’m going to guess that the kid is Stick. Bingo!
  • And now Karen knows about the other girl in Matts life. Sees her and storms out. Sigh. That’s too bad but I knew that a love triangle was going to come up at some point.
  • Back to the trial. Let’s see what Foggy and Karen can do.
  • Oh hell! Matt decided to show up. Let’s see how this goes?
  • Wow. Well Frank on the stand turned out to backfire immensely. Let’s just see what u

Ep: 9 Seven Minutes in Heaven

  • I love the fact this whole episode is devoted to Fisk. I am totally ok with that.
  • Oh this guy (Mr. Dutton) thinks he can threaten Wilson Fucking Fisk? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I can almost guarantee that he will be dead by the middle of the episode.
  • He’s making his move.
  • So Fisk was behind what the guard told Frank. What could he possibly want with Frank?
  • Electra had her first kill at 12 years old? That insane!
  • If Matt really does want to save his city why won’t he except Electra’s help?
  • Frank is making a deal with the devil. Don’t do it!
  • That was tragic watching the friendship between Matt and Foggy deteriorate like that. I know Matt is sold on this Daredevil crusade but at what cost? Friendship? Career? Love?
  • This prison scene is about to get real bloody.
  • Wow. I mean WOW! That’s one way to cut down on the prison population. That was a massacre pure and simple.
  • Just curious.. Does Karen get paid for any of this work she is doing?
  • Ben’s old office and a little bit of Karen’s backstory. Causing the death of a teen can’t be easy to live with and would explain a lot behind her drive to see justice served. Feels like she needs to atone for her past transgressions.
  • I like the bottle of Pepto-Bismol that’s on the desk
  • Fisk… Never bet against Frank Castle. And you know that letting Frank live is going to come back to bite you in the ass, right?
  • Matt is totally getting his ass kicked right now. And it looks like Nobu has returned. Shades of season one right here.

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