Daredevil Season Two: The First Quarter

So in an effort to try and write more, I’m going to use the release of Marvel’s Daredevil Season Two as my excuse to get ball rolling. I figured that I would take a “football” approach and break the thirteen episodes down into four quarters. Yes… it isn’t an exact fit but the last quarter, hopefully just like in real football, will be longer and hopefully the most exciting!

Daredevil Season Two Logo
Daredevil Season Two Logo

So… without further ado, let’s see what the “first quarter” of the episodes had to offer.

PS: There will be spoilers so if you are wary about such things, best you just move on right now.

PSS: I’ve gotten very comfortable with Twitter over the past year so please excuse me if some/most of my thoughts look to be in Tweet form.

Ep:1 Bang

  • So it looks like life has continued since we last saw our heroes. Business continues as usual, everyone has fallen into their place, and oh yeah… the law firm of Nelson and Murdock is broke. That sucks… but by essentially bartering for services, it looks like they at least will never go hungry.
  • Bad Irish guys gathered around their lair. The Irish make great bad guys, amIright? I kid… I kid. 🙂 Great evil speech but then everyone shot to hell by… hmmmmm. I wonder who that could be?
  • Foggy, Matt and Karen playing pool. These three actors and characters have such great chemistry together. I love watching them on the screen. It’s totally obvious that Foggy still has feelings for Karen but it looks like she might be getting a little friendly with Matt. #lovetriangle
  • First reference to “War Zone.” I wonder how many of these we will get? Some paramilitary group is shooting up gangs in Hell’s Kitchen. Yeah right… “group.”
  • I LOVE Foggy saying “You can trust us. We’re lawyers.”
  • Well lookey here! The Punisher finally shows up and does exactly what he is supposed to do. No talking… just action.
  • Huge fight scene with Daredevil. I am really glad that they are playing these two as equals in the fight. I cleverly hidden gun puts Frank ahead, which is accurate because he is the type to pull no punches and play dirty. How crazy was it for him to say one word… “Bang” before shooting Daredevil.

Ep:2 Dogs to a Gunfight

  • Foggy looking for Matt and finding him in the worst possible way would have to just kill him every time this happens. That is true friendship right there, people! Of course, the cost of Foggy saving Matt is that Matt has to listen to the same speech over and over again. You have to wonder how many times that have had this conversation before. “Stop with the costume and the vigilantism.”
  • I would be very interested to see some of these so-called “Devil worshippers” that are mimicking Daredevil.
  • That gunshot to the head must have done a wallop to Matt. What the hell is happening to his hearing? His silent screaming fit was chilling.
  • Of course you HAVE to have the obligatory “by allowing Daredevil to exist, did we essentially create The Punisher?” question. That is a very fitting topic for a sequel to discuss. Karen looks to be even more unhinged than usual thinking that she brings these bad things on herself. Could this type of thinking on her part be a foreshadowing of more bad things to come for her?
  • Very bad first impression, Ms. District Attorney. And by the way… I don’t care if you are the DA, you do NOT push Foggy around. I LOVED how he stood his ground against her and won the first battle.
  • These fights between DD and Punisher are absolutely insane!
  • DAMN! That ringing in his ear has cost Matt round two. If I had to guess, I’ll bet The Punisher took him to his lair.

Ep: 3 New York’s Finest

  • And if by lair, you mean the rooftop of a random building, then I am absolutely correct! Yay me!
  • (Looking back I don’t have too many notes on this episode because it was Just. That. Good!)
  • So far the finest moments of this episode have been the heart-to-heart between Matt and Frank and the awesome speech of Foggy in the ER. In my opinion, Foggy continues to be an amazing part of this show!
  • I’f I had to take a guess, the writers had to figure out how they could get the alone time between Matt and Frank so they could start delving into the inner workings of Frank’s psyche. The rooftop scenes pulled that off extremely well.
  • Daredevil being put in that no-win situation by Frank… taping a gun to his hand and telling him that he had to kill either Frank or Grotto… but one of them was going to die tonight. WOW!
  • And right after that, all I can say is “THAT is how you top the hallway scene from season 1!” Holy crap that was a great fight scene!
  • So Karen is starting to piece some things together. First off, I wonder if she will eventually be able to take the bar and get her license because she does more lawyering than Matt does in this show! Secondly… are we to believe that Frank has brain cancer or is that a chunk of his skull that is missing?

So there you have it! I hope to get started on Episode 4 tonight. So far this is a great continuation from last season. I’m excited to keep watching but it is bitter sweet knowing that once it’s over we’ll have to wait for (the inevitable?) Season Three. That will most likely be over a year from now! However, we are a strong group of fans and we will persevere! Until then, I will enjoy Season Two while it is still new.

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