Daredevil Season Two: The Fourth Quarter

Ep: 10 The Man in the Box

  • Sucks to see these kids and the torture that has been inflicted on them. Even sadder to think that this type of crap happens to kids everyday in the real world.
  • Always great to see Claire on here. She is really becoming quite the recurring character.
  • Silly Matt, Frank didn’t escape. He was let go. And why all of a sudden is it The Punisher and not Frank? Lose a case and you lose first name basis?
  • Might be warm outside but it is freezing between Matt and Karen on the courthouse steps.
  • Look at Matt quick to figure out the Fisk angle.
  • What? Reyes being polite? Ahhhh… There is a kid involved. Kinda surprised she even ft married and had kids.
  • Holy shitballs! Reyes was shot to hell! Serves her right for the cover-up. But dammit! Foggy was shot too! Matt… You better reign him in.
  • Ooooo…. Murdock and Fisk.
  • Careful Matt when playing the Vanessa card with Fisk.
  • And it didn’t even cause an increased heart rate in him. Damn.
  • Who is Jacques? Too good looking. I don’t trust him.
  • And one medical examiner bites the dust.
  • Will Matt listen to Claire? All signs point to No. Sigh. 😢
  • At least Frank has decided to show up and prove his innocence to Karen.
  • Steak and wine for dinner in prison? Yeah… Fisk’s got it rough.
  • Stick sent Jacques to kill her?! Holy crap!
  • The Hand is striking! And we get Children of the Corn! What the hell is Matt going to do?

Ep: 11 .380

  • Shit! I literally gasped when Claire went flying out the window!
  • About time someone told Matt he was in over his head.
  • We’ve got to find out who this Blacksmith is.
  • Marcy!!!! Yay!!!
  • This won’t end well. That Hand soldier is going to pop up… I know it!
  • Damn. Was hoping he would pop up
  • Karen was bait. This is going to be good… and bloody. 🙈
  • Madame Gau! You old bat! Welcome back?
  • Now that Claire has quit she can bandage Matt up full time.
  • Daredevil vs Punisher part 2.
  • Woah! Is Matt going to justify killing?
  • Ewwww… Draining the kids is nasty. What are they doing? Trying to bring back to life whatever is in the coffin is my guess.
  • And soon we will have Electra vs Stick. Seriously. Let’s just think about that for a second. Electra. Vs. Stick! 😬

Ep: 12 The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

  • I think I could watch and entire episode on the training of a young Electra. Hell… Maybe an entire series.
  • A kiss while I threaten your life. Awe… How romantic.
  • How many times have people thought Frank to be dead in his life?
  • The end of Nelson & Murdock is really tearing me up. It’s more than just the law firm… It’s their friendship. 😢
  • At least Karen now has a job she might get paid at.
  • Matt is in some deep shit if they can mess with his senses.
  • I couldn’t imagine Frank singing or doing impressions.
  • Dude! Stick using like some Jedi skills to talk Matt through the fight. They was dope!
  • So wait one second. Was the colonel Blacksmith? Whoever his was he be dead now.
  • I can’t say that I don’t blame Karen for her curiosity but it will get her killed one day.
  • Body armor with a skull look to the front. That might come in handy.
  • Daredevil must die. Chilling.

Ep 13: A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen

  • The last episode
  • Will we finally find out what is in that crazy coffin?
  • Calling talk about the war rhetoric is naive.
  • I see why Matt is a lawyer. He can talk his way through anything!
  • People with complexities. You have no idea. Try me.
  • Matts new bully club is amazing. I’m with Electra and I want one.
  • All heroes have the same weakness… Their compassion for others. It gives them strength to be sure, but it will always be an Achilles heel when trying to save the day.
  • How can Karen not know that Daredevil is Matt by now? She’s too smart to not have figured it out.
  • Endgame is upon us.
  • I would not want to be a Hand warrior fighting DD after what happened to Electra.
  • The won the day but yet it feels like such a downer right now.
  • Wait. Nelson & Murdock were across the hall from Atlas Investigations? As in Atlas Comics? Very cool!
  • So Electra will be coming back. That’s good to see but I guess she will be a bad guy. Booo!

Excellent season! Took me too long to get through it and I only have myself to blame. Bring on Luke Cage! 9/30!!!!

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